Issue 2021 02

Learnings, Creations, and Recommendations from February 2021

Hey, welcome to the newsletter. I tend to not write much at the moment and wanted to make a way to keep friends, family, and collaborators in the loop. My goal is to have this be a different pace of conversation, one that’s slower than Twitter, but faster than my typical blogging pace. The structure I want to experiment with over time but the current starting categories of thought organization will be Learnings, Conversations, Creations, and Recommendations. So here we go.


February has been a slow month as I think about how to better scope small projects and meet my expectations for doing more climate-related work. I have about 6 projects in various states and am starting to find more collaborators to ship them this next month.


I spent a lot of time talking with professors and mentors to get a better understanding of what type of position is best suited for my current skills. The current thinking is that I should work at a company in the climate space to build my network and learn more about it. I’m not fully sold on this yet but am looking at a mix of personal projects, development jobs, and design jobs as I transition into climate work.


TinyGarden - A microblogging platform for Tiny Factories which will soon be open to the public. We have had a consistent interest in our growing discord community and wanted to make a more public space to engage with indie makers. - It’s been a while since I actively maintained a site and portfolio of work. I did a small design update and started to include more recent work on my site. So it should be a reliable place to see all the new and old things I have worked on.

Futureland Tea Journal  - A new Futureland journal documenting types of tea.

Futureland Health Journal - Another public journal for all of us to keep each other motivated in staying healthy.


Epic Measures - Thinking about the scale of issues like the pandemic or the eradication of a disease is a complex systemic challenge. This autobiography talks about how the global health standards and metrics used by the World Health Organisation started.

The Easiest Person to Fool - As I was spending much of this month working on reshaping my workflow, this podcast helped me be more realistic with my expectations on work and life balance.

Sherlock - To relax more I rebooted the BBC production of Sherlock which has held up well and continues to be one of my favorite and most unpredictable narratives I have ever seen in a drama.

That’s it! Now off to get some tea.